About These Terms
In these terms, ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refer to ASSITEJ International – International Association of Theatre & Performing Arts for Children & Young People – ETS (hereafter referred to as ASSITEJ International), with its legal seat at 16 Via Matteotti, Bologna, 40129, Italy (as well as its employees, agents, officers and directors) while ‘you’ refers to the user of (‘our website”), or any application for mobile devices through which Access Passes and/or Tickets we sell are made available for purchase (“mobile applications”), as well as anyone who purchases Access Passes and/or Tickets from or through us.

This agreement is between us (ASSITEJ International) and you. By agreeing to these terms, you agree that your dealings are considered legally to be with ASSITEJ International and not any of its service providers or third-party contractors.

These terms and conditions apply to your use of our website and mobile applications and to all sales of Access Passes and/or Tickets acquired through our online ticketing system on our website and through our mobile applications, as well as to your attendance at the Performances or Event Sessions (whether online or in-person) to which those Access Passes and/or Tickets relate.

By accessing any page of our website, or any of our mobile applications, or by purchasing an Access Pass and/or a Ticket from us you agree to be bound by all of the provisions of these terms.

We may, from time to time, change these terms. Your continued use of our website or mobile application will mean that you accept such changes with effect from the date that we have made them.

This Website and Our Mobile Applications
We will try to ensure that the information on this website and that which is made available through our mobile applications is up to date and accurate, but we will not be responsible for any errors contained in any such information and you will have no claim against us as a result of any such errors. If you think our website contains inaccurate information, please tell us so by emailing:

We do not necessarily share the views which may be expressed on our website and mobile applications and you will have no claim against us arising from the expression of any such views.

We try to ensure that our website and mobile applications are safe, but we do not accept responsibility for any viruses, malware, adware or the like which are transmitted through our website or mobile applications.

We are not responsible if our website or mobile applications are not available at any particular time for any reason.

You agree that you will not post or publish anything to this website if you are not permitted to do so under Italian law.

We do not monitor or review the contents of third party websites to which our website may provide links, and we are not responsible for the content or privacy policies and practices of such sites.

Our website uses cookies which allow us to retrieve user details for each visit. Further information on cookies is contained in the privacy statement later in these terms.

Access Passes and/or Tickets Sales
All Access Passes and/or Tickets acquired from us may not be exchanged or resold and will not, save for reasons set out in these terms, be refunded. For the purposes of the website and mobile application purchases, this will apply from the moment you click to confirm the purchase of an Access Pass and/or Ticket from us. You will not be entitled to a replacement or refund if you lose a ticket acquired from us.

Access Passes and/or Tickets Collection
E-passes and/or e-tickets and voucher codes will be sent to the email address provided by you. We cannot take responsibility for incorrect information being provided and e-passes and/or e-tickets or voucher codes therefore being lost.

Performances and Event Sessions
You attend all performances and event sessions booked through us at your own risk and we are not responsible for any loss you incur or injury you suffer as a result of or in connection with acquiring this Access Pass and/or Ticket or attending the performances or events to which it relates.

Right of admission to all performances and event sessions is reserved.

The organisers reserve the right to substitute performers, other artists, speakers, or contributors should those advertised not be able to take part for any reason.

If you arrive late for a live event, you will not have the right to enter the venue. If you are refused admission in these circumstances, you will not be entitled to claim any refund.

We will try to accommodate customers with disabilities. If you have any requirements in this regard, please let us know via this link.

Technical Issues
If any technical issues arise during a session being facilitated live, please let one of the Ushers or Venue Staff (if in-person) or Meeting Controllers (if online) who is present know.

If any technical issues arise with digital content you are trying to access online, please email

There are some countries that have ‘known issues’ with accessing some of our website content due to legal restrictions that govern internet access and usage in those countries. These can be found in our Accessibility Policy. We will not be liable for any issues related to you not being able to access content due to these legal limitations, nor for any damages or criminal proceedings you incur for circumventing any local laws or customs in order to access our online content.

Access Passes and/or Tickets will not be refundable for any performance or event session that you have had trouble accessing (in-person or online) unless you have reported it promptly at the time the error occurs AND we are in agreement that we cannot offer you a suitable alternative (e.g., to watch a later recording of the performance or event session).

Refunds for Cancellations or Rescheduling of Performances or Event Sessions
If the performance or event session to which a specific Ticket relates is, after you have acquired it, rescheduled to a date, time or venue other than that stipulated on the Ticket (or advertised on the website or mobile application when you acquired it) you may claim a refund of the Ticket price from us only if you purchased a separate Ticket for this specific event (i.e., not via an Access Pass). This can happen at any time before the scheduled performance or event session. If a performance or event session is cancelled, you may claim a refund of the Ticket price up to 21 days after the originally scheduled performance or event session. Refunds may exclude any costs which we have incurred by selling the Ticket to you.

The process for claiming refunds is as follows:
In respect of cancellations of performances or event sessions, a refund may be claimed by emailing the specific Ticket relating to the cancelled performance or event session within 21 days of the date for which the performance or event session was originally scheduled to the email:

Generally, concession prices are, at our discretion, applicable to persons or organisations from certain countries and for bulk purchases.

Our judgement is final when we believe concessionary Access Passes and/or Tickets are being bought by unauthorised parties. We will cancel Access Passes and/or Tickets bought using concessionary rates if we do not think you are eligible for them, and you will not be entitled to a refund.

Force Majeure
We will not be liable to you if we cannot perform our obligations because of an occurrence which is beyond our control, such as an act of God, strike, terrorism, war, political insurgence, insurrection, riot, civil unrest, act of civil or military authority, uprising, earthquake, flood, power failure or any other similar factor beyond our reasonable control.

Please note that this includes any substantive changes to working and living conditions caused by COVID-19 or unrest. “Substantive changes” are defined by us, with our decision being final.

General Exclusion of Liability
We will not be liable to you whether under the law relating to contract, delict (i.e., our wrongful and negligent conduct which causes you harm) or otherwise in connection with your acquisition of Access Passes and/or Tickets from us, your use of our website and our mobile applications, any websites linked to from our website, and anything you download from our website or a website linked to ours, or your participation in any performance or event session to which your purchase of an Access Pass or Ticket relates.

Governing Law
The laws of Italy govern the interpretation and implementation of these terms. The courts of Italy have exclusive jurisdiction in all disputes arising between you and us.

Statement on Protection of Personal Information and Consent Statement

Users of our website who register in order to purchase Access Passes and/or Tickets for productions or sessions are encouraged to read this statement carefully as it regulates the manner in which any personal information that is provided by you will be collected, processed, stored, and transferred.

The purpose of this statement is to ensure that we and the administrators of our website comply with our obligations as responsible parties under GDPR.

We are committed to protecting your privacy whenever your personal information is obtained as part of the registration process or online purchase of Access Passes and/or Tickets.

If you register on the website and/or purchase Access Passes and/or Tickets, you will be required to give your consent to the collection, processing, storage, and transfer of the personal information sought and which you provide. By registering and/or making use of the services available on the website, you are deemed to have granted such consent and to have familiarised yourself with this statement.

All personal information will be collected, processed, stored, and transferred in accordance with this statement.

What is Personal Information?
Personal information of a user is defined broadly to include (but is not limited to) any information relating to a living natural person or juristic person, including information relating to the race, gender, sex, marital status, national, ethnic or social origin, colour, age, culture, language, and birth of a user. It may also include any identifying number such as the physical address, postal address, email address, telephone number, location information, or any online identifier pertaining to a user.

Collection, Processing and Storage of Specific Personal Information
When registering for a user account, your data will be used to:
• Administer your place and communicate with you about the event
• To deliver event activities (whether online or in-person) to you
• The sessions will be recorded and shared, including participation of, and questions asked by, participants during the event (whether online or in-person). These recordings, and your personal data connected to them, may be used by ASSITEJ International and its partners in perpetuity as it sees fit.

When registering on the website and/or purchasing an Access Pass and/or Ticket, certain personal information will be obtained from you, the user.

We and the administrators of our website are committed to ensuring that only personal information that is relevant to the services being provided shall be sought from you. This may include (but is not necessarily limited to) your full name, identity number, age, physical and postal addresses, and credit card or bank account details.

We may use your personal information for the purposes of executing transactions concluded with you.

In addition, we may wish to use personal information you provide to send special offers, advertising or marketing material by email, through SMS (or other text messagimg services such as WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat etc.), through promotional offers or by telephone. If you do not want your personal information to be used for such purposes or do not want to receive the information referred to above, you will be directed to an “opt-out” option on the website. If you do not “opt-out” then you consent to the use of your personal information for the purposes set out in this statement.

Recording Disclaimer
During this event, we may do one or all of the following:

Take general photographs and screenshots (both online and in-person)
Record all audio output from the event (both online and in-person)
Video record the event proceedings (both online and in-person)
Live stream selected event proceedings (both online and in-person)

By using this site and buying an Access Pass and/or Ticket, you are agreeing to the photographing and/or recording and/or filming of the proceedings, including aspects of your participation (your image, your voice, your text contributions etc. – whether online or in-person), being made for dissemination by ASSITEJ International, ASSITEJ Cuba and third parties within whom it works in partnership. This right of ASSITEJ International and ASSITEJ Cuba exists in perpetuity and may be applied as it sees fit.

Transfer and Sharing of Personal Information
We and the administrators of the website may also be required to make your personal information available to our business partners in order to enable them to effect transactions with you on behalf of us. If you register on the website and/or purchase Access Passes and/or Tickets, then you consent specifically to the transfer of personal information to such third parties. Neither we nor the administrators of the website are responsible for the privacy practices of such third parties

Apart from the above, we will not sell or disclose personal information to any other third party without your consent, except that you do give your express consent for us to disclose personal information to the following third parties:

An entity which provides services to us, including, for example, website hosting, administration, maintenance and development. These third parties require access to your personal information to perform their functions and not for any other purpose; and/or

Any governmental agencies or other regulatory bodies where we believe that such action is necessary to comply with any laws or legal processes or to prevent the abuse of such laws or legal processes.

Protection of Personal Information
We and the administrators of our website may protect personal information by establishing appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard the personal information collected from you. This helps prevent unauthorised access, maintains data accuracy and ensures that the personal information is used correctly. In order to carry out these security procedures, proof of identity may be requested from you before personal information is disclosed.

Technical information
A ‘cookie’ is a small amount of data that is generated by a website whenever a user accesses such a website. The information is then retained on the user’s web browser. The purpose of a cookie is to remember information about the user. Should the user then revisit the website, its computer server will recognise the cookies and provide information about the user’s last visit to the website.

It is important to note that most browsers accept cookies automatically, but a user may adjust the browser settings to exclude the automatic acceptance of cookies. Should a user disable the automatic acceptance of cookies on his/her/its browser, certain functionalities of the website may be disabled.

Every time a user connects to the website, the website will store web server logs which show the user’s IP address (the unique number which the user’s machine uses when it is connected to the Internet) as well as other information pertaining to the user’s use of the browser. The collection and use of this data is strictly for statistical purposes and the user consents thereto.

Updating, Correction or Deletion of Personal Information
The website may enable you to create a personal profile page when you register on the website.

You are entitled to access any personal information retained on your personal profile page and to require the correction, updating or deletion of such information.

If you wish to access, correct, update or delete any personal information retained on your profile page, you may correspond with us at the following email address:

Amendments to Terms and Conditions
The provisions of these Terms and Conditions may be amended from time to time at our discretion. You are encouraged to familiarise yourself with any changes that may be made.

Queries and Concerns about Terms and Conditions
If you have any queries or concerns about these Terms and Conditions, you may correspond with us at the following email address: