Listen: The Current & Future State Of Inclusive Theatre

Published on 31 May 2024

An Interview By Keiu Virro.

Edited By Nishna Mehta.

What is the current state of the theatre world in terms of inclusivity in different countries? What are the main challenges? What does the future hold?

International Inclusive Arts Network (IIAN) was created 12 years ago in response to a request from the Swedish and Danish centers. Vicky Ireland from UK, Gonzalo Moreno from Spain, and Cleiton Echeveste from Brazil share their experiences and challenges. We talk about the importance of creating relaxed enviroenments for children, and also about connecting and empowering disabled artists across UK, Spain, Brazil and beyond, with the speakers highlighting some of the companies and performers they think highly of.

Listen to the audio! Here’s what you should look out for:

  • Every child matters and deserves the chance to experience the arts.
  • Investing in inclusivity is investing in our future.
  • No one should be left behind. Inclusivity ensures that everyone is part of society, and that’s the kind of society we should aim for.

And now it is time for the interview!

*A transcription will be provided shortly.